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Beginner Class

A class designed for Aikido first timers. It focuses on building the correct form, posture, and balance required to move onto more advanced techniques.

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Adult General Class

A class for those students who have progressed beyond the beginner's class curriculum or for students who are joining the dojo with previous Aikido experience.

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Kids Class

Designed for kids aged 5 to 15. It focuses on teaching mindfulness, respect, discipline, correct posture, and attitude in a fun an supportive environment.

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I originally chose Aikido because of the self-defense aspects. When I came for my trial lesson I was happy to see other girls at the dojo. In addition the instructors were really nice and put a lot of effort into teaching me the correct forms of Aikido. I've only been training in Aikido for half a year but I've already noticed many positive effects. I've noticed increased stamina which has helped me a lot at work and I've also noticed increased flexibility. I definitely recommend that you try Aikido!

Every time I finish practice at the dojo I feel refreshed. Also by applying the principles of Aikdo I've been better able to deal with conflict at the office.

I originally picked Aikido as an activity to do with my son. However as I continued training I realized that Aikido is actually very logical and doesn't rely on secrets. Anyone can learn Aikido and achieve a high level of skill through practice. This is very interesting and enjoyable for me.

Because Mugenjuku focuses heavily on basics I really recommend it for anyone who is interested acquiring a deep knowledge of Aikido and continuing practice for a long time.

I originally started Aikido because I thought that it would be safe for a woman of advanced age to try. It has had a big impact on my life up until this point, in physical and mental terms. Mainly it has helped me develop a peace of mind that allows me to stay focused even in times of stress.

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